food & wine classes

Bellavita Academy offers a series of activities for consumers such as cooking classes and wine tastings.

For teams building or groups over 12 people, please contact us.

Pizza Making

Discover the secrets of creating an authentic Italian pizza with this 2-hour Pizza Making Class under the guidance of the Bellavita Academy’s pizza Master chef.

Italian Wine Tasting

Our sommelier will guide you through a unique journey around Italy. Discover the wine-making process and the fundamentals of wine&food pairing.

Pasta Making

Embrace the amazing world of authentic Italian pasta and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Learn how to make  fresh pasta and shape it into different ways.

Filled Pasta

If you are a fresh pasta lover, don’t miss this hands-on cooking class. Under Bellavita master-chef guidance, learn how to make fresh filled pasta such as Ravioli and Mezzelune.

Bread Making

Join a hands-on baking experience and a perfect introduction for anyone new to the art of bread baking. Discover how to make Ciabatta, Focaccia and Panbrioche.

Wine&Food Pairing

Pairing your dish with the perfect wine is a challenge. Learn the  fundamentals of wine&food pairing  during this two-hour class with Bellavita Academy’s Sommelier.

Baking & Dessert Class

Spend a day with us immersed in the art of creating cakes and mastering a variety of pastry, with the expert guide of our Pastry Chef.

Italian Vegan Recipes

Get the unique opportunity to learn Italian vegan recipes and replicate these tasty dishes  at home thanks to our Master Chef tips.

Gift vouchers

Be it Christmas, your loved one's birthday, Mother's day or a reward for your amazing employees Bellavita Academy's gift vouchers are the perfect solution.

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