food & wine classes

Bellavita Academy offers a series of activities for consumers such as cooking classes and wine tastings.

For teams building or groups over 12 people, please contact us.

Pizza Making

Discover the secrets of creating an authentic Italian pizza with this 2-hour Pizza Making Class under the guidance of the Bellavita Academy’s pizza Master chef.

Italian Wine Tasting

Our sommelier will guide you through a unique journey around Italy. Discover the wine-making process and the fundamentals of wine&food pairing.

Pasta Making

Embrace the amazing world of authentic Italian pasta and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Learn how to make  fresh pasta and shape it into different ways.

Filled Pasta

If you are a fresh pasta lover, don’t miss this hands-on cooking class. Under Bellavita master-chef guidance, learn how to make fresh filled pasta such as Ravioli and Mezzelune.

Bread Making

Join a hands-on baking experience and a perfect introduction for anyone new to the art of bread baking. Discover how to make Ciabatta, Focaccia and Panbrioche.

Wine&Food Pairing

Pairing your dish with the perfect wine is a challenge. Learn the  fundamentals of wine&food pairing  during this two-hour class with Bellavita Academy`s Sommelier.

Macarons Making

Making Macarons is easier than you think.
Learn how to make them to perfection with this step by step workshop  and impress your friends.

Italian Vegan Recipes

Get the unique opportunity to learn Italian vegan recipes and replicate these tasty dishes  at home thanks to our Master Chef tips.

Gift vouchers

Be it Christmas, your loved one's birthday, Mother's day or a reward for your amazing employees Bellavita Academy's gift vouchers are the perfect solution.

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Danilo Cortellini: Pasta making masterclass @ Bellavita Academy
Oct 18 @ 18:00 – 21:00

Bellavita Academy is delighted to open its door for an exclusive one-time only Pasta making masterclass with celebrity chef Danilo Cortellini!

The Head Chef at the Italian Embassy and Masterchef: The Professionals UK finalist, will teach you how to make authentic Italian Pasta from scratch.

Join us for this unique opportunity of cooking side by side with a celebrity chef.

What to expect:

  • Welcome Prosecco
  • 3 hours Pasta making masterclass
  • 2 sauces and recipes showcase
  • Recipe Pack
  • Lots of fun
How To Design The Work You Love by Impact Street @ Bellavita Academy
Nov 2 @ 12:00 – 15:00


Please join us for this 2.5 hours intensive workshop on How To Design The Work You Love.

This Workshop Is For You If:

  • You are a professional that wants to achieve financial freedom doing work you love.
  • You want your work to mean more to you than just a paycheck but you don’t know how to go about it.
  • You want your work to have a deeper meaning and purpose.
  • You want your work to matter to you and to the world.
  • You are committed to having an open mind to achieve your goal.
  • You understand that you cannot continue doing the same things and expecting the same result, so you are willing to do things differently.
  • You know spending 37+ hours every week doing work you don’t enjoy is not easy. It is hard. It is expensive and you know it is dangerous to your health.

Why Should We Do Work We Love (or at least like very much)?

So why then do most people remain in jobs they do not like or worse still, jobs they hate? The number one reason is Finances.

But what if you could do work you love and still make money?

Did you know that one of the smartest ways to build wealth is to select a vocation you love?

“If you are creative enough to select the ideal vocation, you can win, win big-time. The really brilliant millionaires are those who selected a vocation that they love- one that has few competitors but generates high profits” Culled from The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley.

What To Expect At The Workshop:

  • We will work you through the three main components of fulfilling work. There is no one size fits all when designing your fulfilling career. For some, it will be a 9 to 5, for others it will be running your own business full-time and for some, it may be a hybrid of a 9 to 5 and a business.
  • We will consider the practicalities of moving from where you are to where you want to be in your chosen vocation.
  • You will hear from people that have transitioned from doing what they didn’t enjoy to doing work they love without sacrificing their financial stability.
  • We will help you understand how to create your fulfilling work incorporating your most important values and steer you in directions that will bring you more meaning and success in your existing or potential career.
  • We will provide you with practical strategies to help you take control of your career, debunk common career myths to empower you with the mindset shift needed to help you begin your journey towards building your fulfilling work.

Format Of The Workshop:

  • Part 1:– where I dive into the three main components of fulfilling work. You will engage in individual and group activities to help you think through (and perhaps start to design) what fulfilling work looks like for you specifically.
  • Part 2:- panel discussions where we hear from professionals that have been able to build fulfilling careers. We will hear from a Human Resources professional to help us understand how best to position ourselves to be employment-ready especially if we do not have “sufficient” experience in the career or industry we may want to move to.

What To Expect After The Workshop:

  • You will leave this workshop inspired and equipped with resources to help you start taking immediate action towards building a career you love with a proven plan of how to identify what is most important to you in your career. I will also offer myself as an accountability partner to check that you do what you say you will do.

Your Workshop Facilitator:

  • This workshop is taught by Lola Yunus. Lola has spent the last 8 years relentlessly devoted to doing work she loves without sacrificing her financial freedom. Thankfully, she has figured it out for herself and is now determined to help others do the same without the stress she had to endure for years. You can read her very interesting and somewhat dramatic career story here
  • Lola is the lead workshop facilitator, trainer, chief storyteller and career coach at Impact Street. To learn more about Impact Street, please visit